What is Healing?

Healing comes in many forms. It depends on many variables. You maybe asking, “What is healing?” Many people today are having a spiritual awakening. Waking up as a spiritual being is an important part of healing for many people today. As we wake up as spiritual beings having a human experience, we have a better perspective of how to address or physical and emotional or mental ailments. Extending this to psychic or spiritual healing, we are better equipped to address such elusive states of being.

Some people come to a spiritual awakening by being attracted to astrology or reading their borescope every day. Some people find that depression or anxiety attacks leading to counseling and alternative medicine bring them closer to their spiritual path. Wellness and leadership issues attract others.

Whether it’s health-related issues, career transitions, relationship challenges, losing loved ones, craving a deeper sense of authentic self-expression, or inner peace, it all comes together when one wants to rise above one circumstances and experience greater wellness and deeper well-being. Sometimes insomnia is knocking on our spiritual door, saying, wake up. Whatever it is, eventually we must heed the call. ┬áMaybe you want to learn how to pray or going to retreats.

Perhaps you want to learn meditation, receiving astrology reading, going to VisionQuest, learn to speak to your angels, study the chakras, explore the field of shamanism, delve into world religions, or Native American spirituality, there are many pathways to raise your consciousness and cultivate spiritual awareness. Perhaps you’re asking how to be spiritual? There are so many paths leading to this goal of conscious living. The benefits of raising your consciousness is being able to more gracefully navigate life’s rights of passage and resolving any crisis that may arise in your life.

People wonder what is the secret of life. How do I open my third eye? How can I expand my aura? Our new age philosophies compatible with my family’s religion? What is Tantra? The self-help market is full of insights regarding spirituality and personal development. Many counselors and therapist are now integrating spiritual principles in their handling of psychological complaints.

Ascension Pathways offers you many roads to your personal transformation and spiritual evolution. Sign up for our webinars, homestudy courses, and retreats. Schedule a counseling or healing session. We offer appointments via Skype, phone, or live at one of our wellness centers in Maryland, California, or Maui.